We Change The World Cause Of The Cross

 Pastor Haney

We Change The World, Cause of the Cross

W/ Pastor Nathaniel Haney

Listen to Pastor Nathaniel Haney on: We Change The World, Cause Of The Cross   (2:50am to 4:40am Pacific time)

More and more, we live in uncertain times that call for exceptional strength. If you are seeking to know God in a greater way—or if you have never experienced this wonderful salvation, we here at KYBN, invite you to a .hour and a 1/2 of heart-felt Worship and Praise, in-depth studies in the Word of God, and a call to a more concentrated and dynamic relationship with God.
About Pastor Nathaniel Haney
Pastor Haney, has worked as a pastor, evangelist, and leader for over twenty-five years. At the young age of nine, he received his call to the ministry and since that time, he has worked for the Lord. He has traveled as an evangelist, ministered in foreign countries, authored four books, and established churches in Santa Rosa and San Francisco, California. In his home church (Christian Life Center, Stockton, California), he has served as Youth Pastor, Pastor of Prayer and Evangelism, and Co-Pastor with his father Kenneth F. Haney, and now serves as senior pastor of Christian Life Center.

Pastor Nathaniel Haney lives in Stockton, CA with his wife, Kim, and their five beautiful children. Together they work diligently to further God’s Kingdom in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout the state of California.


We Change The World Cause Of The Cross

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