Timeless Traxx with Tyrone DuBose

KSON-Timeless Traxx with Tyrone DuBose

Timeless Traxx with Tyrone DuBose

Growing up in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, Tyrone DuBose began his journey in entertainment by hosting a television program that began in 1985. Over a span of 15 years, Tyrone garnered more awards than anyone in the history of the South Bay Producers Guild in Southern California, awards that included Producer of the Year, Talk Show of the Year, a citation from the California State Legislature, and the United States House of Representatives.

DuBose then made the switch to voice overs and announcer of many events, and his smooth voice was sought after and heard on many national commercials. He then ventured into radio, where he was heard live on the air at KHWY-FM in Barstow California, as travelers heard his voice when they traveled across the Mojave Desert to Las Vegas and Laughlin Nevada over 7 years. His uncanny knowledge of the radio charts over the years leave people baffled, and the reward has been his own national radio program called “Timeless Traxx”, a unique program that features the top R & B songs in America over the last 6 decades according to the national R&B Singles Charts. The show is presently heard in over 15 cities and 6 countries. Timeless Traxx became popular enough that he is now a Music Contributor on the show “Unsung”, the hit Television Series on TV One that spotlights the careers of R&B singers of the past, seen by over 15 million viewers per week.

Tyrone enjoys speaking to those that needs a sense of motivation on never giving up on their dreams, no matter what their age or situation and tells the compelling story of how watching a television reality show changed his life and brought him to his life long dream of Radio, Voice overs, Commercials and Cartoons.

Over the last several years, Tyrone has spoken to many crowds, and receives rave reviews for his honesty, encouragement and hope for all of those who believe that they too, can have an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Tyrone is called upon very often to host many events, including the prestigious African American Empowerment Legacy Awards in Washington, DC and the highly popular “Stompin at the Savoy” in Atlanta, Georgia. His quick with and classy style keeps the audience focused.

Tyrone’s voice is recognized on many Fortune 500 companies’ phone auto-attendant features, in addition to movie roles on the screen. He attributes his success to hard work, and the 3 F’s…Faith, Focus, and Follow Through. In the studio, he is well known for his gentle nature, willingness to help others and successful results in everything he does. When asked his motto, he says, “The best never rests”.

Timeless Traxx with Tyrone DuBose

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