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The Grapevine.

Bearing the Fruit in The Heart of Our Music, The Grapevine comes to you from a point of view that is not just old school in its music and how it is aired, but rather History in the way you hear it and learn from host: Anthony “Moose Harris” Daniels. The show mix R&B, Jazz (real Jazz) some Pop and just giving it to you…STRAIGHT!  and pure

The show currently airs Saturdays 1pm-3pm (pst) on KSON Studio One, World Advantage Network The Grapevine is growing each and every week in part due to Anthony “Moose Harris” Daniels delivery of a great show and the research he places in gathering the information just for his listening audience.

About Myself:

KSON-Studio One, & The Grapevine with Anthony “Moose Harris” DanielsAnthony “Moose Harris” Daniels. I have been Producer, and Host of The Grapevine. Since January 21, 2012,

I am an all-round Music Businessman as an Artist, Producer, Musician, and Industry Networker. I also possess nearly 10 years in the Radio Industry as a Board Operator, On-Air DJ / Reporter, Website Moderator, Music Director, and of course, Radio Show Host.

While often associated with making wine, the grapevine has a place in art as well. This is a well-used symbol seen throughout history, such as in ancient Egyptian art, in which it symbolized the heart. In other examples, the grape vine denotes religious beliefs, and modern applications may use it for decorative purposes.” By Jean Miller, eHow Contributor| updated March 10, 2011

Prior to the 20th Century, music was primarily based in either spiritual or classical forms. But a revolution of musical styles began in the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s. Jazz and Blues along the Mississippi Delta introduced a more secular sound with spiritual emotions. As the 20th century progressed, various other genres branched out from those roots, with the apex being the sounds of the 1960’s and 1970’s. It was these sounds that introduced Anthony “Moose Harris” Daniels to the world of music in the early 1980’s. In 1992, he was a Motown Historian, and by 1998, he was studying Jazz at the University of New Orleans as a Jazz Vocalist under Ellis Marsalis. All throughout this, radio and recording was a part of the musical passion. First on the air in 1987 as a Student Lunch Reporter on KANE in New Iberia, Louisiana, Daniels was a seasoned veteran in Radio by the time his Professional Radio career started with WGSO, New Orleans in 2004.

Fast forward to early 2012. While on a syndication campaign for his Hip-Hop based radio show Urban Flosarus, he was approached by KDOL, Livingston, Texas about developing a Blues and R&B show. Like previous times in his life, these genres had been successfully intertwined in Urban Flosarus for the entirety of the 18 months it had been on the air. The motto of the show had even covered this: “Playing Anything with a Groove from Louis Armstrong to The Roots!” Now was the opportunity to scale things back more towards the music Daniels grew up with out of the 8-track, record and cassette collection of his parents, with the study and performance developed in his New Orleans College Years. Adding to that the already existing national listening audience from Urban Flosarus and The Grapevine was born.

KSON-Studio One, & The Grapevine

Weekly, The Grapevine plays a variety of music in R&B, Blues, Soul, Jazz and other related genres in a musical gumbo that is not commonly heard on many radio shows or stations. So much of radio today is segregated based on age demographics, that not only are several younger listeners (and artists) are growing up without a musical sense of history and reference (wondering who is the artist Jay-Z & Kayne West are rapping over on their song “Otis” for example) but the adult executives are failing to realize that it was that same sense of history that provided the blueprint for the music they grew up with. At age 32, Daniels is at the time period where knowledge of the musical past and present is naturally intertwined and can be presented in a way where a family can listen together and share together. Classic music from artists like Marvin Gaye, Cannonball Adderly, Hugh Masekla, Average White Band, and Howling Wolf are in rotation with artists of today such as Raphael Saadiq, Wynton Marsalis, Beyoncé, and Cedric Watson. At the same time several rising and independent artists are intertwined throughout the 2 hour broadcast from around the world.

With a legitimate national listening audience, and an immediate listening base that stretches from Baton Rouge, to Chicago, 2013 is the year for The Grapevine to continue providing more access for artists and listeners through multiple FM, AM and Internet Radio stations. The show is free to carry. It is delivered in 4 parts so that you may sell local spots and place them. We do have a limited amount of slots carried by show sponsors. But these are very limited & the show is mostly commercial free. The Grapevine has an average of 60 percent of listeners age 18-35, college educated, with an annual income of $24,000. The second largest average of listeners (24%), are aged 36-54, college educated, with an annual income of $32,140.

KSON-Studio One, & Anthony "Moose" Daniels ( The Grapevine)  When it comes to Entertaining, Enlightening, Introducing, and Educating, no one in Syndicated Radio is doing it like Anthony “Moose Harris” Daniels & The Grapevine.

Anthony “Moose Harris” Daniels

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