The Evening Drive

KSON-Studio One The Evening Drive

The Evening Drive


The Evening Drive with DJ Ammy is one of KSON’s most multicultural shows in our line-up. Ammy Pheary (Firework because of her Fiery Smile) has so much going on for a young lady. On the Evening Drive Show, DJ Ammy brings for the world, The Music you love where you live..what does that mean? DJ Ammy plays Korean, Tagalog, Russian, India Spanish and much more.

The Evening Drive showcase Veteran Artist and DJ Ammy has a high regard for Independent Artist(s) DJ Ammy’s show is the World coming together for a common cause..The Love Of Great Music.

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DJ Ammy also does the blog on the KSON Webs Home Page..Ammy’s Hollywood Gossip blog. This is a blog that keeps you up to date with the latest in Celebrity happenings and the Gossip of Tinsel Town.

DJ Ammy is on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays from 5pm 8pm and on Tuesday DJ Ammy is on the air 7pm-8pm. During the time DJ Ammy is on the air, she invite’s each and every one of you to go to the KSON Song Request Page and make the Special request. Nothing is more pleasant..then to hear good music..but to hear good music from a lovely host as DJ Ammy is what great Radio is all about.

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