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Andre Roxx of the Wu Tang Killa Beez.. (Legal name: Marques Andre Johnson) was born March 11, 1985 in Pittsburgh PA. The American rapper began his career early in life. In 1992, at the age of 7, he, his cousin Brandon Scott, and his sister Andria Johnson started their first rap group. Under the group name “So Craz’d” their first performance was in late 1992. They performed at a family gathering at their great grandmothers house in Johnstown PA for a few family and friends . Their cousin Allen Andrews, a local community planner was so impressed with their raw talent that he invited them to perform at a block party. Andria (age 8) dropped out of the group before this performance, however Brandon and Marques, then performing under the names Top Dawg and Black Dawg, were instantly addicted to hip hop. For 3 years Allen Andrews continued book the duo for community events paying them $ 10 each and all the junk food they could eat (a small fortune to a 7 year old).


In 1993 the duo recorded their first project “The Debut” by wiring a Yamaha keyboard and a plastic microphone into a boom box. Convincing local stores to sell this tape, and promoting it with hand written posters, the two sold over 600 copies of the project over the summer. Between the years of 1996 and 2001 the group broke up and re-united several times under several different names. Each artist enjoyed local success as solo acts as well as in the group, selling thousands of albums. Their artistic goals and visions, however, were to different to successfully collaborate. As they entered into their teens Brandon (then performing under the name “Kamo Kream”) leaned towards a more commercialized sound, wanting to make fun party music with a commercial pop appeal. Marques (then performing under the name “The Paradox”) was strongly influenced by groups like The Roots, Common, and KRS One. He leaned toward social and political rhymes with a dark underground sound. In 2000 each artist changed their names (Brandon to “Scotty Coles “and Marques to” Andre Roxx “) and the name of the group to 92 SCAR’s (92 representing the year they began rapping and SCAR’s an acronym for Scotty Coles Andre Roxx). They consolidated for one single track project called” The Letter ” . In 2001 the duo separated for good, however Brandon has remained an intricate part of the Andre Roxx revolution, acting as publicist, web designer, promoter and adviser to Andre Roxx throughout the year. Roxx has even been heard urging Brandon to reunite the old group.

KSON-Studio & The Chamber with Andre Roxx

After the split, Roxx became more determined than ever. Taking a bold and risky action, Roxx announced to his entire high school that tomorrow he would release the most incredible single that the state of Pennsylvania had ever heard. At the time of the announcement he had not written or recorded anything. After leaving high school that day, he rushed to the home of his cousin and well know dj, radio personality and producer DJ Seanskee. Explaining the situation the two stayed up all night recording and burning CD’s. Armed with a blaring boom box Roxx sold over 100 copies of his “Verbal Assault” single that school day. That winter the CD was picked up by local stores throughout western PA selling over 1500 copies.

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Shortly after Roxx recorded and released the entire album “Verbal Assault” selling just shy of 9,000 copies. In 2003 Roxx began recording his new album. He paid homage to one of his hero’s Bob Marley by titling his new album “Rebel Music”. Though he release several singles, and continued to perform, completing the album was slow due to a constant moving from city to city. Between 2003 and 2005 he relocated to Richmond VA, Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Harrisburg PA, and Johnstown PA. He eventually settled in Denver CO in late 2005. In January 2006 he finished recording and released his album “Rebel Music”. For his album release party he booked one of his favorite MC’s, Killah Priest of the Wu Tang Clan, to perform as a special guest . Once Priest heard Andre Roxx he was instantly enthralled with his aggressive delivery and profound lyrics. Over the next 6 years, Roxx and Priest performed dozens of shows throughout the Midwest and have remixed several songs from the critically acclaimed “Black August” album for release on Andre Roxx upcoming project “Lazarus: The Resurrection of Hip Hop”.


Though Killah Priest as well as many other members of the Wu Tang Clan Considered Roxx a member of the group since 2006, even going so far as to feature him in many Wu Tang musical compilations and tours, , no official contract with the Wu Tang Clan had been signed. That would all change.


In early June of 2011 Priest approached Roxx with an offer for him  to head up a new faction of the Wu Tang Clan known as the MidWest Killa Beez. After minor negotiations Roxx accepted the offer and became an official member of the Wu Tang family on June 16 2011. On Jan 26, 2012 Interscope digital distribution released Roxx’s single Critical Mass to mixed reviews. Though many speculated that his style was to “old skool” Roxx was not finished. In May of 2012 Interscope digital distribution released the cult classic single “Grown Folks Music “essentially flipping off the power structure of the music industry. The Single took the underground Hip Hop culture by storm and re-established Roxx as a lyrical mastermind to the Hip Hop community.


In January of 2013 Roxx independently released a disc compilation Gemini Man: The Double Negative and  Lazarus: The Resurrection of Hip Hop solidifying his place as one of the greatest lyricists of the modern era. The album was such a success that his tour schedule was booked nearly a year in advance.  

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In late March of 2014 this would all come to a halt as Roxx was arrested for narcotics and firearm charges in Philadelphia PA, and sentenced to 1-2 years incarceration of which he served 1 ½ years. During his incarceration TMZ, and subsequently every major news outlet, erroneously ran a story claiming that he severed his penis and attempted suicide, causing irrevocable damage to his reputation. Upon his release in June of 2014 Roxx found that the story which had run since April of 2014 had taken such strong hold, that he was unable to secure work as a performer or recording artist. Many speculated that this would finally be the end of his career.


Ever determined, Roxx secured a slot on a local internet radio station as a political commentator showing the world that his talents extended far beyond the musical realm. Re-branding himself as an intellectual pundit, he created the Chamber Radio show, aggressively attacking current events with a uniquely urban perspective. After a friend took a tape of Roxx’s debate  with a Philadelphia police officer to the KSON radio network staff, The Chamber was immediately picked up.

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The Chamber with Andre Roxx will debut on KSON-Studio One October 2015 and it promises to be nothing less than an explosive exhibition of a man who has always done things his own way, and apologized to no one.


The Chamber Radio Andre Roxx

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