The Afternoon Lounge with DJ Mosa

         KSON-Studio One & The Afternoon Lounge with DJ Mosa

The Afternoon Lounge with DJ Mosa



DJ Mosa, Has spear headed so many great things in her life. She has accomplished the media seen both TV and Radio for many years. Mimosa started a great deal of her Radio Career with “The Easy Brezzes Music Show” on Cool 100.7 FM in the Country which she was born Cambodia. Mimosa Started being a Day time form of the Quiet Storm but called it the “Afternoon Lounge “

Mimosa thought it would be a good Idea to bring things down in the middle of the day from all of the Hip-Hop and other fast tunes that would be on the air around that time of the day.

Mimosa joined the rank of administrator and shortly there after became KSON’s Program Director were she still really her administrative duties and then head over to do her show The Afternoon Lounge.

Mimosa is a fantastic entertainer in her own right. She plays several instruments and sing both Lead and background vocals . Mimosa is a recording Artist and continues to grace the general public not only with her Beauty..but a lonely voice too.

Mimosa has has been on the cover of Time Magazine for the title “We Change The World” which KSON adopted into a show for Pastor Nathanial Haney “We Change The World, Cause Of The Cross”

Mimosa, has given a great deal of herself in Community Outreach Programs..One that has made a big hit around the world ” A Clean City And A Clean Community” which Mimosa sing the (pst) on the video  (see below) and it is used at the end of “The Think About It Talk About It Show with Dr. Aaron Ramsey the now station’s General Manager.

Below find more great things this wonderful person has brought to KSON-Studio One, over the years..she is truly Loved and Respected from all of KSON’s Employees and all of its Affiliates around the world. Join The Afternoon Lounge with DJ Mosa 2pm-5pm (pst)

“A Clean City and a Clean Community”

        Mosa Hong (Mimosa Lop)



KSON-The SOWAN NETWORK‘s own Mosa Hong (Mimosa Lop) From “The Easy Brezzes Music Show” Cool 100.7.FM out of Phnon Plenh, Cambodia, and “The Afternoon Lounge Show” has done the audio PSA for “A Clean City and a Clean Community” entitled Let’s Do It! Check out the video below and then join a group or start one of your own and together we can help our Communities to be a

Safer and Cleaner place.

Will you join us today?


An Organized afford project “A Clean City and a Clean Community” To take place each day for the greater good of our Community. Join a group or start one of your own. The start up group originated, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and now Thousands of volunteers have gathered in the early morning to make this effort a great project in keeping Our Cities and Communities a Clean Place…After All we All have to live on this


The Afternoon Lounge with DJ Mosa 


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