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Swerve “Teen Talk” Radio


About Swerve “Teen Talk” Radio:


Swerve “Teen Talk” Radio, is the newest & exhilarating talk radio show! With a listening audience of over 4.6 Million people a week here on the KYBN-Radio Network, Swerve “Teen Talk” Radio has quickly become one of the most sought after shows!

Swerve offers a unique platform designed for the youth of America, which combines honest dialogue with teens & weekly specialists; and the hottest music in Inspirational Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, House and Rhythm & Praise.

Created & Hosted by Anthony Franklin, his passion for teaching & guiding children is what fueled the birth of Swerve “Teen Talk” Radio.

This phenomenon has created a place of refuge where today’s teen not only finds help for their daily struggles; but also, the ability to discover what God says in His word about them!


About Anthony Franklin:


Anthony Franklin, born and raised in Greenville, SC; and has served 10 years in Japan in the United States Navy.  He has one son, AJ Franklin who is a sophomore at Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton, Fl.  Anthony is also a graduate of the Arts Institute of San Diego and holds an AA degree in Audio Engineering.  He has recorded 4 Hip hop albums, has traveled and performed extensively across the US, has produced for many artists and has songs on Itunes, Amazon and many international catalogs and now this project in Ministry Swerve “Teen Talk” Radio.

Anthony Franklin is involved in Juvenile & Prison Ministries throughout the state of Florida; where he ministers to a countless number of men and woman on death row.  He is the founder of Swerve “Teen Talk” Radio which is syndicated on several networks and is currently serving as Co-Pastor at Real Life Church in Jacksonville, Fl.  Anthony is married to his best friend Sky Franklin; and together they seek to continue motivating and encouraging teens worldwide.

Swerve “Teen Talk” Radio…Motivating Teens To Take a Positive Route. Let’s Get Re-routed! Join us on Swerve “Teen Talk” Radio it’s all for the Kingdom.

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Swerve “Teen Talk” Radio

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