Stevie’s Soul Love 101

Stevie's Soul Love101

Stevie’s Soul Love 101

I’ve held various titles in my life…from Artist Manager, Night Club Manager Dj, also a Promoter to an Entertainment Photographer. As a child I wanted to meet my favorite singer CHAKA KHAN and the only way I figured that was going to happen was to get involved in the music industry, I’m not that great of a singer but my voice is worthy of Radio and I can take a mean photograph!..

In Philly, 1992 at the IAAAM Music Convention, I finally met “my” Chaka. Amazingly! We share the same birthday March 23rd.  In the fall of ’95, “Right On! Magazine” Editor Cynthia Horner called me to let me know my photograph of then teen music sensation “Immature” had made the cover of their magazine. That very day I had been laid off from my job of 9 years which totally  didn’t faze me…I GOT The Cover!”

Fast Forward to the PRESENT

Thanks to Dj Frances Jaye and I received my official introduction to indie soul music.   Oct 2005, she’d brought Amel Larrieux & Bilal to Morgan State U’s homecoming, and had information about her internet station.

Once I returned to the comfort of my  bedroom I tuned in…Loved every note and every sound….I found where new soul music had gone, because it certainly wasn’t being played on the radio anymore .

In 2007 I attended Frances’ “I Got Soul ” Music Conference in Dallas.  There I met Erykah Badu (ok I went up to Badu and told her I loved her and to hug me) she busted out laughing and complied.    A couple months later at the Afram in Baltimore aka the African American Heritage Festival, B-Stage.  I saw Sy Smith perform and my life has not been the same since.

Sy Smith was my lightbulb moment… Her performance was so incredible and polished  I realized she couldn’t be the only one…Hence my realization that there is in fact an Independent Soul Music Scene.

Currently I am a Photographer,  Syndicated Podcaster/DJ , Videographer, Artist Manager and Promoter to The Indie Soul Music Scene.  I use all my God given talents with a big dose of Love to help propel this scene and our music forward into the hearts and ears of the people that need their music most..
Welcome to Stevie’s Soul!


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