The So Seductive Slowjam Show with Denco


About the show and Personality

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The So Seductive Slowjams Show is a two hour R&B slowjam show that is the soundtrack to your smooching session.

the show consists of four parts :

90s Slowjams – playing the best Old Skool slowjams from the 1990’s
Current / Upfront Slowjams – playing the best slowjams currently doing the rounds now and new slowjam music.
Digging In The Crates – Playing the best vintage slowjams from the 1970’s & 1980’s
Total Request – 30 mins of slowjams requested by listeners of the show via email and FB posts

If you wish to send requests and / or dedications for future show, please email them to

Make sure you check out & join: (Click on Link Below)

The So Seductive Slowjams show page on Facebook (or more information about the show, links to exclusive mini slowjam mixes plus other slowjam-related stuff.

(Click on the Name) Follow Denco on Twitter  & Instagram :or use deejaydenco

Add me on BBM – 7E0D9CB9


The So Seductive Slowjam Show with Denco


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