Shackelford One and The Main Event with Jackie-O


Shackelford One and The Main Event with Jackie-O


Remember, The People That Follow Us, Aren’t Followers

PushGapRadios is an exciting radio station, giving a new slant to Urban Radio through the worldwide power of the internet. We are based in beautiful Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX.

Remember radio in the ’70’s?                                                                                  

Our aim at PushGapRadio, is to bring back a touch of the old school informative and entertaining radio of yesteryear, we also provide a platform for emerging talent, giving them the opportunity to interview and work with other guest that regularly grace our studios.  With plans in the future to provide on-going community support through various workshops, PushGapRadio, is trying to make an impact on the music culture within our community.

OUR SHOW                                                                                                                    

The Shackelford One and the Main Event Show w/Jackie O broadcast every Monday Night @8pm. In the future we look to offer a broader variety of shows ranging from chat and discussion, to music and guest interviews, both underground and commercial.



We are attracting listeners from all over the world. Interaction through calls, text, email or Social Media; listeners can always feel a part of the show by interacting with our Radio Personalities and guest.  


For all the latest in Urban news, Sports, Current Events, and Celebrity Entertainment, The Shackelford One & The Main Event Show w/Jackie O is the place to be. We are continuously providing the latest up-to-date information. PushGapRadio, is current, relevant and versatile, and is packed full of great features to keep our listeners entertained.


We feel that we have a duty to provide content which can inspire, encourage and enrich our communities and help grow the development of those around us. PushGapRadios, is the perfect place to stay informed, engaged with, News and Affairs that affect not only our listeners, but the community as well.                                                 

Our Agenda, Is Pushing Yours”

 Shackelford One

Established in July 4, 2008, Push Gap is currently operating and doing business under the Sole Proprietor ownership.

Since an early age Cliffton G. Shackelford has always possessed a strong passion for music and radio. He gained firsthand knowledge about the industry from his grandfather, who played in a music circuit with many well known and talented musicians.

Cliffton G. Shackelford had his first personal experience through a brief rap career, drummer experiences, studying radio in high school and later receiving his certification in Radio Communications from the American Broadcasting School in 2008. His lifelong goal has been to have a meaningful and successful career in radio.  In pursuit of his radio career path it was sidetracked for many years by life happening events which led him to Corporate America and temporarily away from my dream.

Cliffton has turned his dream into a reality. Ciffton Gregory Shackelford was born Christmas Day in Gary, Indiana and is President/CEO of 

Jackie O

Jacqueline Flowers is Executive Vice-President of Corporate Affairs at and Co-host of Shackelford One & The Main Event with Jackie O.

She has over 30 years experience working in Management with a main emphasis in overseeing a sales and marketing teams. She had a long tenure with Southwest Airlines working her way up from Agent to Management helping to increase their revenue through newly innovating ways to reach and service customers. Jackie then briefly moved into the insurance, modeling & recruiting industries finally settling back into the travel industry to help companies increase sales, invest in quality employees and decrease retention, which improved their profits.

Jackie is a single mother of 3 adult children and proud grandmother of 15! In her spare time she loves spending quality time with family and friends, cooking, watching movies & reality tv, travelling, and planning/decorating weddings and other events. As a radio co-host, Jackie is very informative, innovative and engaging as she delivers news, hot topics, entertainment /celebrity gossip and more.

Shackelford One and The Main Event with Jackie-O

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