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Life Unedited

John has been broadcasting his show (Life Unedited) in the philadelphia market for 8 years and is syndicated to several other stations around the country.

Some of his guests include – The Unabomber’s brother (David Kaczynski and one of the victims Gary Wright.) Mike Wallace from 60 minutes, Christopher Boyce from the movie, The Falcon and the Snowman, KC from KC and the Sunshine Band, the founder of the Navy Seals elite unite, Seal Team Six – Dick Marcinko and former Navy Seal and Team Six member – Chris Beck, who recently came out as transgender and is now know as Kristen Beck.

Previous shows can be heard on my podcast site –

John has worked in Business development / Sales & marketing for over 20 years. Part – time he does private security (he has worked with many professional athletes and entertainers) and is a former USAF (Blue Beret) Security Specialist.

Hobbies – Reading, sports (huge Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and 76ers fan) Weight lifting / bodybuilding and sports memorabilia collecting.

John’s show is based around diversity. On his show, John holds nothing back – He will talk about anything and everything; sex, sports, politics, religion, mental health, etc. Nothing is off the table or taboo.


Life Unedited

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