Laird Sillimon of Sillimon Sound Latest Release THE ONE GOD

       Laird Sillimon of Sillimon Sound THE ONE GOD

                      KSON-Laird Sillimon Laird Sillimon & Covenant                                                    



 Laird’s vision is
Cultivating Apostolic Music for TODAY

As an accomplished songwriter he has seen his music recorded at Edwin & Walter Hawkins Music/Art Love Fellowship Conference, the Pentecostals of Alexandria, Passion in Praise Conference in Modesto, Preston Wood Baptist Church Sanctuary in Plano, TX, Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta, GA and even his original home church, Apostolic Outreach Center in New Orleans.

He produced CLC’s “He Shall” project and is currently
producing another Live CD recorded in January 2009;
both of these projects will have had the co-production
efforts of Grammy Award winning producer Kevin Bond.

Laird wants to see Apostolic Music in the MAIN STREAM,
reaching people with the Gospel!

     For This CD and others project of Laird Sillimon click link below:

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