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KYBN Mobile App..Take us with you, Wherever you GO!

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KSON-Studio One, World Advantage Network in Mountain View, CA           KYBN-Radio, Present’s it’s Mobile App. This app allows our listeners to take the music that they love from the Station that give them all that they love. A Variety of Music R&B, Urban R&B, Urban Jazz, Pop and yes for our wonderful International Listener, DJ Ammy Host of the Evening Drive has an array of Artist from Korea , The Philippines, Russia and other great Nations around the world.

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KYBN Mobile App..Take Us with You, Wherever You GO! also let our hard working Guys and Gals who drive the Highways all night to get the things we need and use daily. KSON-Studio One, StaffYes!, I am talking about out Truckers.KSON-Studio One, Staff

Our Truckers love our Talk Shows such as CSC Talk Radio with Beth Ann, The Joy Tiz Show & Talking Out Loud and we can’t forget “She Said, He Said with Amanda & Alfonso.

Here is a great feather on our Android can request your favorite Song right from the Phone or calling in and having to be placed on hold forever..this is the App that people are jumping all over for.

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KYBN Mobile App..Take Us with You, Wherever You GO!

Alisa Yastrebova

KSON-Alisa Yastrebova

Alisa Yastrebova


Was born in 1994, 20th of September in a really small village (less than 100 people) near Volgograd, Russia.

KSON-Alisa Yastrebova As a kid she was very musical and tried to make music out of everything – spoons, plates, etc.

After school she graduated from Volgograd College of Pedagogy and became a teacher.

Alisa never had any singing lessons, but she hopes to take a few of them someday.

Currently she is singing songs of all genres, mostly classical, folk and video game soundtracks and has placed them in videos on Youtube.

KSON-Alisa Yastrebova Alisa films videos outside with a beautiful nature and places because she is a big fan of nature and everything connected to it.

Now, at the age of 20, she would like to continue filming videos to find her audience, meeting new musical people and work with them.

Her dream is to have her own house where she’ll spend her time making music or just enjoying the silence.

 Thank you :))))

Alisa 🙂

KSON-Alisa Yastrebova All of Alisa’s videos can be found here:



Alisa Yastrebova

Laird Sillimon of Sillimon Sound Latest Release THE ONE GOD

       Laird Sillimon of Sillimon Sound THE ONE GOD

                      KSON-Laird Sillimon Laird Sillimon & Covenant                                                    



 Laird’s vision is
Cultivating Apostolic Music for TODAY

As an accomplished songwriter he has seen his music recorded at Edwin & Walter Hawkins Music/Art Love Fellowship Conference, the Pentecostals of Alexandria, Passion in Praise Conference in Modesto, Preston Wood Baptist Church Sanctuary in Plano, TX, Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta, GA and even his original home church, Apostolic Outreach Center in New Orleans.

He produced CLC’s “He Shall” project and is currently
producing another Live CD recorded in January 2009;
both of these projects will have had the co-production
efforts of Grammy Award winning producer Kevin Bond.

Laird wants to see Apostolic Music in the MAIN STREAM,
reaching people with the Gospel!

     For This CD and others project of Laird Sillimon click link below:




The new release CD/DVD by The Atlanta West Pentecostal Church Sanctuary Choir is full of Praise, Worship and the Anointing is all over this Choir during this live event. Click on the link below and hear, and feel the true presence of God like you have never felt before. To order your copy of this CD or DVD, maybe both: click on the link to the right

The Atlanta West Pentecostal Church

       This is Apostolic music at it’s very best and a must to have.  

 You will be blessed.




Bethany Is The First Three Time UMA Awards Best Pop/R&B Artist. She
is “Who’s Next” states VH1. Bethany Recently Won NYC IDOL. She Has
Recently Opened Up For Such Platinum Artists As Trey Songz, Mantel
Montana and Faye Ann Lyons, And Has Been Featured on Toronto’s Much
Music TV, BET’s 106th & Park And disBAND.
Are Some Of What Industry Executives Think Of Bethany:
The Think About It “TALK” About It Show
Could NOT!  have asked for a better artist to do it’s Show’s intro: Best Of luck Bethany
Dr. Aaron Ramsey
Host: of The TATAI Show

“Most Requested Single”
-106.3 FM
“She’s Who’s Next” -VH1 “Bethany Has The Look”
-MBK Entertainment
“Bethany  Has An Incredible Voice. A Phenomenal Entertainer”
-Tweetie, MTV
“Someone To Watch Out For”
-Alicia Keys
“A Star On The Rise. Bethany Is New York’s Best Kept Secret”
-Easy Mo Bee
“Her Movement Is Serious, She’s Going To Make Things Happen”
-Dara Bragg, BABS Productions
“One Of The Hardest Working Young Artists Out”
-Gerard Mcleod, Dreams TV/Time Warner
“Bethany’s Definitely The Next Best Thing”
-Michael Thompson, In The Mixx Radio

Angel Silva

 Author: Angel Silva’s Love and Deceit!


Love and Deceit is my first book published, I was born and raised in Stockton CA. I am also a singer, song writer. I love music, I graduated from college in 2008 with an Associates degree In humanities with a major of dance.

I have a marketing certificate and a assistant teacher certificate background. I also have been published in 5 anthropology books of poems.I love to listen to music and thrive when I can.

Love ya,

Angel 🙂



                   THE WONDER GIRLS


The Wonder Girls are the hottest up-coming female group to hit the United States sense the girl groups of the 60’s in the U.S. As the leading creator of Asia’s biggest superstars, JYP Entertainment brings you their next biggest phenomenon, THE WONDER GIRLS. The Wonder Girls, five teenage sensations hailing from the East as music royalty, were brought together by J.Y. Park after his tremendous success with the superstar Rain.

The Wonder Girls have earned three number 1 hit songs in Asia within the last two years, each having won an unprecedented amount of awards and digital downloads. This summer JYP Entertainment presents The Wonder Girls’ highly anticipated US debut, with their first US single, “Nobody.”

The US audience got a sneak preview of The Wonder Girls in 2008 when the entertainment blogger Perez Hilton featured not one, but two of their hit music videos on his blog site. Since then, The Wonder Girls have been named by People Magazine as one of the “leading Asian pop stars to cross over to the states.” They were also featured on Virgin Media as one of the “Top 8 Girls Groups to Watch in the World,” among such groups as Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud and Danity Kane.



Girls Generation (SNSD)

                                                                                                  Girls Generation (SNSD)





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