Captain and Company Morning Show


KSON-Chris Hill on Captain and Compnay Morning Show

Captain and Company Morning Show

Chris Hill, owner and Morning Personality of The Captain and Company Morning Show.

The Aquarius 7 Broadcasting Network which is a minority-owned and operated Internet Broadcasting company has been on-line providing music, weather and sports coverage continuously since March 31st 2001.

A7BN started with just a single show from 8 to midnight, and has grown into four (4) Radio Stations (,, and We are streaming content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chris (Captain) Hill and his Morning Show crew are broadcasting now on many Networks (KSON) being one of them both within the United States and now Internationally. 

Chris Hill now heads up four Radio Stations successful within their own right, each having its own genre of music and personalities. Chris Hill continues to grow each of the broadcasting shows he heads to bring them all to new heights. 

Captain and Company Morning Show

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