Alisa Yastrebova

KSON-Alisa Yastrebova

Alisa Yastrebova


Was born in 1994, 20th of September in a really small village (less than 100 people) near Volgograd, Russia.

KSON-Alisa Yastrebova As a kid she was very musical and tried to make music out of everything – spoons, plates, etc.

After school she graduated from Volgograd College of Pedagogy and became a teacher.

Alisa never had any singing lessons, but she hopes to take a few of them someday.

Currently she is singing songs of all genres, mostly classical, folk and video game soundtracks and has placed them in videos on Youtube.

KSON-Alisa Yastrebova Alisa films videos outside with a beautiful nature and places because she is a big fan of nature and everything connected to it.

Now, at the age of 20, she would like to continue filming videos to find her audience, meeting new musical people and work with them.

Her dream is to have her own house where she’ll spend her time making music or just enjoying the silence.

 Thank you :))))

Alisa 🙂

KSON-Alisa Yastrebova All of Alisa’s videos can be found here:



Alisa Yastrebova

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